Performance Monitor attributed code problem 
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 Performance Monitor attributed code problem

Hello everybody!

Have anyone experience with creating ATL 7 (VC.Net Betta2)  Performance Monitor Manager, PerfMon Objects and PerfMon Counters with ATTRIBUTED code.
I've made a test project (ATL DLL) with Performance Monitor Manager, PerfMon Objects and PerfMon (just Wizard was used),

I've lanche registration

regsvr32.exe $TEST$.dll

but this test doesn't  make necessary registration in Registry

HKLM\Sotfware\Microsoft\PerfLib\009 is not modified
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\$TEST$\Performance is OK

I tried to debug, and saw, that Perf Object map is empty

part of atlperf.inl file:
--- start ---
inline HRESULT CPerfMon::Register(LPCTSTR szOpenFunc,LPCTSTR szCollectFunc,LPCTSTR szCloseFunc,HINSTANCE hDllInstance) throw()
for (UINT i=0; i<_GetNumMapEntries(); i++)
  CPerfMapEntry& entry = _GetMapEntry(i);
  entry.m_nNameId = dwFirstCounter + i*2;
  entry.m_nHelpId = dwFirstHelp + i*2;


--- end ---
_GetNumMapEntries() returns zerro. , but I have added Perf Object and counters to my attributed code.
With nonattributed code i have no problem.

How can i solve this problem???

Yours sincerely,

Mon, 24 May 2004 04:01:45 GMT  
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