Container resized by control 
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 Container resized by control

I have ATL control that have n-lines of text. When i am changing a font, making
it bigger, control size is changing and container should be automatically resized.

I implemented OnConrolResize( int iWidth, int iHeight )function for that purpose
that send event to container. Problem is how to calculate iWidth and iHeight
inside ATL control. There are different types of units. I am using the following:

HDC hdc;
SIZEL sizeMetric, sizePixel;

SelectObject( hdc, m_hTextFont );
::GetTextMetrics(  hdc, &tm );
ReleaseDC(hdc); = tm.tmAveCharWidth*50; //just for sample = tm.tmHeight*100;      //just for sample

AtlHiMetricToPixel( &sizeMetric, &sizePixel );

Fire_OnControlResize(, );


Container is resized, but in wrong way. Can anybody suggest sample code
that resize container from control?


Sun, 25 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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