Possible circular dependency issue between ATL COM services 
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 Possible circular dependency issue between ATL COM services

Hello all,

I have two ATL COM services (B1, B2) that have dependencies on another ATL COM
service (A).  A also has dependencies on B1 and B2.  B2 is a new service that
is almost identical to B1.  However, A and B2 seem to have circular dependency
issues that A and B1 do not seem to have.

Right now, A can call COM methods on B1, and B1 can call COM methods on A.
However, if I start up A and B2, they are unable to call each other's methods.

If I run B2 in debug mode, it is able to call the methods on A, but A cannot
call B2.  Similarly, at one point I was able to run A in debug mode and call
B2 (but then B2 could not call A)... although now this is no longer the case.

I've been trying to resolve this issue for quite sometime, and the current
behavior has B2 creating a new instance of A, even if A is running.  And B2
still can't call methods on A (nor can A call methods on B2).  Also, B1 is
able to call A, and A can also call B1.

I've compared project settings between B1 and B2 they are the same.  I've
checked the DCOMCNFG settings between B1 and B2, they are the same.  I've
tried rebuilding the type libraries using midl for B2 and A, but that did not
seem to help.

The only real difference between B1 and B2 is that B2 calls a custom COM DLL,
whereas B1 does not.  I don't know if that would make a difference, but just
thought I would post as much information as I have.  Also, this is on an NT
4.0 box, and the services were written in VC++ using VS6.0.

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.

-- Basil

Sun, 06 Mar 2005 06:55:37 GMT  
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