Doubt using Simple Object 
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 Doubt using Simple Object


I did the following changes in my Atl Application
use the  -Oicf and /MD compiler options; and link the DLL with the
mtxih.lib, LE32.lib, and ADVAPI32.lib libraries provided by MTS. The
mtxih.lib library must be the first file that you link into your proxy-stub

 n then built it . Then registered it on MTS But i still coudn't get rid of
that problem . I'm using "Simple Object " can this b the reason . Should i b
using "MTS Component" .

Thanks for ur Help.

> Hello

> I have Created an ATL Simple Object . Can i Make it run perfectly on  MTS
> i have to use "MS Transaction Server Component"  only .

> I have been facing problem of this type while accessing methods
> and properties with "Simple Object" When Running on MTS.

> Problem 1.
> ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
> Debug Error!

> Program:C:\WINNT\saytem32\dllhost.exe
> Module:
> File:i386\chkesp.c
> Line:42

> The Values of ESP was not properly saved across a Function call. This is
> usually a result
> of calling a function declared with one calling convention with a function
> pointer declared
> with a different calling convention.
> '''''''''''''''''''''''''''

> after few seconds this error is seen.

> Problem 2:
> ''''''''''''''''''''''
> Run-time error '-2147023170(800706be)':

> Automation error
> The remote procedure call failed.
> ''''''''''''''''''''''''

> Is it Possible to make the "ATL Simple Objects" to run the Same way as "MS
> Transaction Server Component" runs on the MTS . If Yes wht all changes i
> have to make in the "Simple Object".

> Thanks 4 ur Help .

Sat, 04 Jun 2005 23:23:23 GMT  
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