How to determine current DNS server IP number? 
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 How to determine current DNS server IP number?

Does anybody know how to find out the current DNS servers when using dynamic
(DHCP) Nameservers on dial up?
I have no problem to read the DSN server IP('s) from the registry when they
are fixed. But how do i obtain the info when DNS servers are given
dynamically via DHCP or on PPP dial up?

Example: I dial up to my ISP, PPP negotiotes my IP number and DNS servers.
How can my program find out the DNS numbers obtained?

Alreday known/discoverd:
- winipcfg.exe can do write the information to a file, but it is a bit
akward  and very slow to shell out to a .exe and then read the results from
a file.
- there is a ipcfgdll.dll in Windows 98 that appears to be a dll version of
winipcfg.exe.Ipcfgdll.dll exports functions that appear to do the job, but
the dll is not documented. Anybody knows the function syntax for the exports
of ipcfgdll.dll ?



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