Help! problems with launching a front-end app 
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 Help! problems with launching a front-end app

Hi there!

I'm developing an app using VB6 (front-end) and SQL Server 7.0
(back-end). There are some OCXs that I use to run the program
(to be more precise these OCXs are Component Toolbox from DBI
Technologies, Olectra Resizer and Crystal Reports 7.0). Ah! by
the way, my PC has Win98 Second Ed. installed.

Since I wanted to test this application remotely, I created a
setup program with the Package and Deployment Wizard that ships
with Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Ed. I installed the
program on the remote computer (which had Win95). When I launched
the program, the program just didn't run. So I decided to test
with the source code. When I ran the program the following
window appeared on screen:

OLEDB - DTS Flat File - SQL Server DTS Flat File OLE DB Provider


Then when I filled on the information requested (in this case,
DataSource and Location since I'm using Integrated Security with
NT) it answered to me by telling me that it was unable to establish
a connection.

Has some one been through this?
Any idea why this might be happening?...

Thanks for your help and patience,

Felix Melendez
Ingeniero en Sistemas
Intelsist Internacional S.A.

Sun, 14 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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