Radmin32.dll and Rlocal32.dll work on Win9x and VB? 
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 Radmin32.dll and Rlocal32.dll work on Win9x and VB?

I heard there is a way to use all the Net...() APIs on Windows 9x PCs.  I
looked at Radmin32.dll with the microsoft tool "Depends" and sure enough, it
has all the Net APIs in it.  I just can't get them to work on 9x and VB.
The structure for alot of the functions state something like
"NetUserGetGroupsA", so does that mean that they are ANSI versions of the
APIs, so I can declare the function like this...
Private Declare Function NetUserGetGroups9x Lib "RADMIN32.DLL" Alias
"NetUserGetGroupsA" (ServerName As String, UserName As String...... instead
of by Byte, or do I still have to do the Byte stuff.  I wish microsoft would
have documented this great dll, if you look into it, it has ALOT more than
just Net APIs.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks for your time.


Sun, 17 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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