Share info Using Active Directory Services (ADSI) 
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 Share info Using Active Directory Services (ADSI)


Has anyone used the Active directory services interface (ADSI)?? I am
trying to get share information for a local Win95 client (i.e., is
c:\myfolder being shared and what is its share name).  The ACTIVEDS.DLL
allows you to do this in an object oriented way.  I just can't get it to
work for a Win95 client.  For an NT server it goes

Dim Fserver as IADscontainer
set Fserver = GetObject("WinNT:\\MyDomain\MyServer\lanmanserver")

once the namespace is established one can enumerate all the share
information for the NT computer...

Does anyone know how to setup the ADsPath for a local Win95 client??

Thanks very much...

Mitch Berg

Sun, 23 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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