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 <><><>HELP<><><> PCMCIA Motorola Montana 33.6

        Im having a frustrating problem with a modem card and my laptop.
Everything will be working just perfectly, when one of two things happens.
1) My computer displays the "It's safe to shut down the computer" dialog.
2) Or it say's "write fault error writing device aux. Abort, retry, ignore,
fail. When I hit abort, it gives me the "It's safe to shut down the
computer" dialog. So what is an aux anyway, and why is it creating this

        The only reason that im guessing that its the modem is the problem is
because ive never had this problem before I installed the modem. I have the
new drivers, and still no go. :( If anybody has the slightest idea what the

        Thanks in advance


Mon, 20 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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