shell command using telnet 
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 shell command using telnet

Don't hassle with this "sendkeys"-style programming !
Telnet isn't really the way to got.
Look for another protocol called "reexec" (remote execute) and/or "rsh"
(remote shell), which
are special things for just executing command(s) on other Hosts.
Depending on what you are trying to do, have a look at the several upcoming
internet controls ...


> hello!

>    I am having some problems, maybe you all could help me with it. I use
> the shell command to open up a telnet shell which I telnet to a  remote
> server and execute a program.

> 1. is there a better way to go to a remote server and execute a command?
> 2. if not then is there a better way then using shell command?


> since I am using a shell command, what i have put on the command line
> i.e. login: yackyoo
>                                                                       password: yearight

> the shell lets me put in 'yackyoo' and 'yearight' but if the window is
> NOT active then it will right those 2 words to what ever window i am
> currently on.  That is bad.  is there a way to circumvent that?
> ideally i would like to not have the telnet window open, but just send
> it straight to that port. can vb do that?

> if not, and nobody knows the solution to my problem. then i would like
> to lock the screen so no input can be put into it as soon as the telnet
> window is opend.  this way who ever is on the machine this is running on
> won't be able to switch windows when the shell command is giving its
> data. but as soon as the telnet command is done, then i would like to be
> able to have the screen unlock.

> what i was thinking, was use VC++ to do the screen locking, and just
> call that .exe from VB, but i would LIKE to do it in VB, but if there is
> not a way in VB then could you please tell me how to do it in VC++

> thank you.

> Seth Broomer

Mon, 08 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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