Problem with DLL called from VB5.0 
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 Problem with DLL called from VB5.0

        I have written my DLL in VC 5.0 for my VB 5.0 application. I faced so
funny problem. In my program I wanted to call the DLL in four nested for
loop about 4620 times. If I hard coded the number of the time the for loop,
then I can call the DLL for about 100 times without any problem or erro
come out. Then if I used the value input from the user from sliding bar
which is in percentage of the total amount of the time the DLL to be
called, I multiply the percentage with the total amount which is 4620 and
get the integer of it. And when I try to run the DLL the number of the
times the user specify I can only run the DLL for 20-25 times only and
error occur.
        The error is sa follow:
Mircosoft Visual C++ debug library
        Debug Error!!
        Program D:\VB5\Vb5.exe

        DAMAGE: after Normal block  (#321) as 0x01CD0CD0

        Press retry to debug the application.

        When I press the retry button the following error come out:

        This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.

        I click on the details button and the following details is given:

        VB5 caused an exeption 03H in module SPEECH.DLL at 014f:100005df0 and all
the register value and other stuff.

        When I try to debug it, Visual C++ is started and it bring to me to the
function called void __cdecl _free_dbg_lk in the file calledDbgheap.c and
it show a message like this "User breakpoint called from code at

        In the function is have this code :

            if (!CheckBytes(pbData(pHead) + pHead->nDataSize,
_bNoMansLandFill, nNoMansLandSize))
                _RPT3(_CRT_ERROR, "DAMAGE: after %hs block (#%d) at
                    (BYTE *) pbData(pHead));

there is an arrow point to the last line of the code (BTYE) .....

        I am not sure what is wrong with it. Can only body please help me? Thanks
for the time. Why is this happending? What cause it to happen? How can I
fix this problem? What is the exception 03H mean? Which part of the program
I need to change? Is it in VB or in the DLL?

Keat Jau
Final year Computer Engineering student at
University of Newcastle

Wed, 08 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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