'net use \\servername' in VB.NET 
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 'net use \\servername' in VB.NET

I wonder if someone can help me.
I am writing a simple server monitoring application, that will run as a
service and and write servers state to a database.
I need to ping the servers as well as test RPC connectivity. I have managed
to do the pings using api calls icmp.dll but having big problems with the
RPC connectivity test.
I could use something like
net use \\servername running from VB.NET using API calls or something.
I don't want to use WnetAddConnection as it is too much just to test if the
server responds.I also don't want to call the dos command using shell... as
it is not tidy and it would be slow and I don't even know if it would return
error state or not.
Can you help?
Thanks for any suggestion.

Sat, 22 May 2004 07:30:07 GMT  
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