VB4 - Bugs or features? 
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 VB4 - Bugs or features?

My network consists of Win95 clients and one NT4 server.  The Win95
clients are configured to "Require validation by the Network for Windows
Access", ie. no-one can use the computer unless their logon is validated
by the NT server.

I've got a basically VB4-32 audit app that I'm trying to get working.
All the file does is determine the username and the workstation name,
then copy the results to a log file on the NT server.

Each user account is configured on the NT server to run a logon script
when the user logs in.  This seems to be the most obvious place to call
my VB4 app.  However, it seems that the GetUserName() function cannot be
executed from within the login script - I get an "invalid function"
call. I do not get this error if I run the VB4 app AFTER the login
script has completed.

Any ideas on what is going on?  Can the GetUserName function be called
while an NT login script is being executed, or not?

On a related issue, I noticed something else with my copy of VB4.  If I
open VB4 then open the project I want to look at, the code compiles and
executes successfully.  However, if I open the project in VB4 by
double-clicking on the project icon in Explorer (or Network
Neighborhood), I get a "Runtime error '48' - Error in loading DLL" error
when I try to execute the code.  Bug, or feature?


Sat, 11 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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