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 ftp Secure Server

I am trying to ftp to my ATT ftp server using a third
party wireles. ATT advises in order to ftp to the ATT
servers, you must use an ftp application that supports SSL.

Using the VB internet control, I had developed a simple
program that uploads files to my ATT ftp server.

The program works while I am connected via modem, but
while wireless, I have problems.

I have recently downloaded a third party ftp program (ftp
voyager) While connected wireless and Voyager using secure
SSL, Voyager is able to connect to the ATT server.

I have been unsuccessful connecting using DOS ftp.

What is going on? While wireless, is it possible to ftp
using VB? How is it Voyager can? What are they doing

I hope someone can help
Thank you,


Tue, 19 Apr 2005 03:26:35 GMT  
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