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 Help with Database server


Connecting to a Database. A soon I get connected. Then working with the
database if another get connected I would like to get inform that the
database allow another connection to someone else.

How to do it

First I have to create a Dial Up Networking connection at the host
computer. And then use my program application to get connected to the
database server with the following line of code.

Set  dbTemp = gwsMainWS.OpenDatabase("", 0, 0, UID = ; PWD=;  Database
=  _ DataName;)

Or I could do it directly with the line of code, without using the
Dial-Up connection

In reality what it have to be done.

How it is, to configure a database to work like a Database server using
window 95  or Window 98.


Sat, 01 Mar 2003 22:56:04 GMT  
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