Start/Stop RAS from VB application ????????? 
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 Start/Stop RAS from VB application ?????????

I have a problem.
I have two applications written in VB 6, running on the same machine. One
application uses RAS to connect to a remote machine and send data. I m using
Maby's RAS ActiveX control, which work very well. Other application connects
to another machine to send Pager messages, by directly opening the Com Port
and sending the message. In this application I m using MSCOMM ActiveX
control for the connection.
Now the problem is since the same port is being used by RAS, so pagng
application gives the "Port Already Open" error. I tried using "net stop
remoteacces" to stop RAS and then waiting for a few second and then try
opening the port. Sometimes it work fine, some times it gives the same port
open error(specially when the RAS is connected) or sometimes even it gives
me "Dr Watson erro".

So is there any other way to stop and start RAS Service through some API's

Any siggestions ??????

Thanks & Regards:


Sun, 09 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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