HOWTO? Connect VB App using Named Pipe from Win95 to WinNT 
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 HOWTO? Connect VB App using Named Pipe from Win95 to WinNT


I am having problems connecting a VB application running on a Win95 machine
to a simple Named Pipe server app written in VC++, running on an NT 4.0

I have configured a small network (with TCP/IP as only protocol) consisting

NTA: WinNT 4.0 Server - PDC - SQL Server 6.5
NTB: WinNT 4.0 Server - BDC - SQL Server 6.5
W95: Win95

I've written a small VC++ named pipe server app, mypipe, which I'm running
on either NTA or NTB, and a small VB app, nmpipe, which I'm trying to get
to connect to 'mypipe' over the LAN.

With 'nmpipe', I'm trying to do this without explicit Win32 calls.
'nmpipe' uses the VB "Open as Binary" to open two uni-directional named
pipes to 'mypipe'...something like:

        Open "\\NTx\pipe\jimIN" for Binary Write Access as #1
        Open "\\NTx\pipe\jimOUT" for Binary Read Access as #2

It (nmpipe) then communicates to 'mypipe' via 'Get' and 'Put' statements.


When I run 'nmpipe' on either of the NT servers, I can connect to and
communicate with 'mypipe' on either NTA or NTB.

However, when I try to run 'nmpipe' on W95, and try to run it, I am getting
a VB error "Bad file name or number", both when I try to connect to NTA and

I've setup W95 to logon to the same domain as NTA and NTB, and I've set W95
to get Access Control from that same domain.  I've also enabled the Guest
account on both NTA and NTB. In short, I've done just about everything that
I can think of to get this working, but, I still can't connect nmpipe from
W95 to either NTA or NTB via named pipes.

I also wrote a small client app in VC++, and run that on W95, and using
this small client, I *CAN* connect to 'mypipe' on both NTA and NTB.

In addition, I can connect another VB app, using ODBC, from W95 to SQL
Server on both NTA and NTB, and I've confirmed on the SQL Server configs
that SQL Server is using named pipes as the default (and only) network

Finally, from W95, I can connect to a shared drive on either NTA or NTB.

I would appreciate it very much if anyone out there has any idea about what
I'm doing wrong here, as I'm just about at my wit's end on this one....

Thanks in advance,
Jim Lum

Sat, 11 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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