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Thanks for taking the time,

In my on going quest to try to write a network administration package
WITHOUT using WinNT (!!!) i've scrapped the use of Win95's pathetic
NetApi32.dll and am using other DLL's instead to varying success.

RADMIN32.dll contains a version of the NetUserGetinfo API called
(surprisingly enough) NetUserGetinfoA. Im tyring to use it in a very simple
program which takes in a server name and a user login ID , and should return
the users real name.

I know that the API call returns a pointer to a structure of type...

Public Type USER_INFO_3
usri3_name As Long
usri3_password As Long
usri3_home_dir_drive As Long
usri3_password_expired As Long
End Type

I also know how to access that structure (i think):

CopyMemory tmpBuffer, ptmpBuffer, LenB(tmpBuffer)
CopyMemory sByte(0), tmpBuffer.usri3_name, 256

But why am i getting a big blank in tmpBuffer.usri3_name and indeed any of
the fields of the USER_INFO_3 structure.
Its as if the API call was successful but the structure wasnt initialised.
could this be a unicode to ascii problem, or possibly a user privalege
All help greatly appreciated,
Simon Kavanagh.

Sun, 09 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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