Paint event -vs- WM_PAINT message 
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 Paint event -vs- WM_PAINT message

Another one for yez:

I have an application that I draw using API calls, for speed.  I draw to a
memory device context, and blit to the display.  Whenever I get a Paint
event, I blit again.

This gives a nice smooth display, but with one problem:  when the window is
maximised (or even fairly big) on my 1280x1024x16-bit, the blits are quite
slow, on account of having to copy the full screen each time.

The WM_PAINT message contains a handle to a device context which already has
the appropriate clipping region selected.  Is there any way to access this
device context (or better again, the clipping region) in the Paint event?
It would greatly reduce (most of the time) the amount of drawing and
blitting to be done.


    - Paul

Sun, 18 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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