AnimatePalette trouble run-time 
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 AnimatePalette trouble run-time

Hi, I'd like to convert a VB4.0 (16 bit) program in VB5 program (32 bit).

It is the plan 6-2 pull from the MULTIMEDIA-HOW-TO book of Noel Jerke. This
program uses the API called AnimatePalette: I have to make rotating the
palette on Picture-Box that contains an image bmp. A little bit like other
programs like Winfract or Fractint do.

I have modified all the declarations of the API from the older version (16
bit), to the newer version (32 bit).

Unfortunately, during the execution of the newer version (32 bit) the
animation of the bmp is not correct: there are some portions of the image
[bmp] which are black during all the execution [run-time] of the program,
while the colors of background change as they change like they should do.

I wonder in the conversion from 16 to 32 bit it is necessary add anything
else than modify API declaration.

Thank you very much and forgive english's errors.

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Wed, 28 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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