REAL Icons, Saving in VB5, I help you lot enough ! 
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 REAL Icons, Saving in VB5, I help you lot enough !


I help enough people here (direct emails mostly), now help me.....

I have the instance of an Icon (vb5), how can I save it as a real icon to

Before you go on, Imagelist cannot do it, it requires a mask colour, which
cannot be given as you would have to check the icon istelf to determine
what colours are not used so you don't wipe any info out.

Picturebox has savepicture method, ok, but this only save in the format
that picturebox thinks the image is, ok so load with an icon then overlay
the new icon... don't work, i have loaded the icon into the pic.hdc but
still cannot get the picture box to save a true icon (well I can, but not
the correct icon image).

This must be easy, but why am I finding it so hard, help, help, help.

Mon, 01 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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