FREE VB4,VB5,VB6 Books online! 
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 FREE VB4,VB5,VB6 Books online!


Macmillan Personal Bookshelf

This is an exelent site, and has lots of VB books.
Just register with your e-mail address, thats it!

Heres just some of the VB books I have found at this site........

Creating Your First ActiveX Control
Dan Appleman's Developing ActiveX Components with VB 5
How to Program Visual Basic 5.0 Control Creation Edition
Platinum Edition Using Visual Basic 5
Special Edition Using JavaScript
Special Edition Using JScript
Teach Yourself VBScript in 21 Days
Using Visual Basic 6
Visual Basic 4 Unleashed
Visual Basic 5 Night School
Visual C++ in 12 Easy Lessons
Web Programming with Visual Basic



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