VB5 and AnimatePalette 
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 VB5 and AnimatePalette

Hi, does anyone have any project on using the API "AnimatePalette" in VB5?

I have a VB4 project (taken from the book Visual Basic MULTIMEDIA HOW-TO and
the author is Noel Jerke) which uses AnimatePalette, but the conversion in
VB5 generates some graphic run-time errors. So, I think the project needs
some {*filter*}ional code I haven't and I'm not able to write.

I can not find any source code or documentation for these anywhere. If
someone has that code, please may send it to my e-mail address?

My e-mail addresses is:

Thanks very, very, very much for any help!

Paolo Guagliumi

Sun, 04 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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