How to use Findwindow to get windows handle? 
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 How to use Findwindow to get windows handle?

:-)  Number 1 mistake.  The Title Bar Changes and is not a valid parameter.

        Surf the registry and find the ClassName...  Or when it is first opened
and no document is loaded get the Window using your method and then use
GetClassName to get the ClassName Access and then use the ClassName instead
of the Windows Text.  The Windows Text Method doesn't work at all buddy.

        Same thing for your AppActivate commands.  If the TitleBar Changes you are
messed.  One solution is to do the following.

        X = GetWindow(Form1.hWnd, GW_FIRST)
        X = GetWindow(X, GW_NEXT)
        <Do a GetWindowsText here>
        If Right(Text, 16) = "Microsoft Access"
                Then <Window is now Found> Exit Loop
        Loop Until X = 0
        If X = 0 Then Exit Sub Else <Use X as Handle for functions>
                                        <Or use Text for AppActivate>

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> Hi,
> I have a problem with my VB3.0 app. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks
> in advance.

> In my app, I want to launch MS access, do some DDE, and then close it.
> The problem is I cannot get the windows handle of MS Access when I try
> to close it.


> Declare Function FindWindow Lib "User" (ByVal lpClassName As Any, ByVal
> lpWindowName As Any) As Integer
> Declare Function PostMessage Lib "User" (ByVal hWnd As Integer, ByVal
> wMsg As Integer, ByVal wParam As Integer, lParam As Any) As Integer
> Const WM_Close = &H10

>     Dim hdlAccess As Integer
>     Dim x As Integer

>     x  = Shell("c:\msoffice\access\msaccess.exe", 1)

>    .
>    .
>    .

>     'following method doesn't work when user log off or locks NT
> workstation (I use AT scheduler to run this app. on NT)

>     'AppActivate "Microsoft Access"
>     'SendKeys "%F"
>     'SendKeys "x"

>    'try to use PostMessage to close it

>     hdlAccess = FindWindow("", "Microsoft Access")
>     x = PostMessage(hdlAccess, WM_Close, 0, 0)


- Show quoted text -


> The above FindWindow always return hdlAccess=0. How to call FindWindow
> correctly? Or is there another way to close MS Access?

Fri, 12 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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