loading jpg files into image control 
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 loading jpg files into image control

> I have an application which imports images from a drive and places them into
> image boxes in VB. It checks whether the files have JPG or BMP extensions
> and if uses the following code to load them into an array of image controls:
> Now, this works perfectly on two workstations at our site on both Win 2000
> and Win 98. However my client has tried it on his PC and it only imports the
> BMP files on the drive and not the JPG files. He is running Windows 2000.

Did you distribute this app as source.  Maybe he recompiled in an older version
of VB?

Also, are you sure the files with extension "jpg" are valid JPEG files?  Maybe
you should have your client send you some of the files that don't work.  I
believe the intrinsic VB controls may have problems with certain flavors of

Also, is your code robust enough to handle a corrupt file and continue?  Perhaps
it is hitting one file, {*filter*} and then failing - making it appear that it
can't open any of the files???

Sorry if this is too elementary, but I didn't see any other responses so thought
I would share...
Ray Mercer

Sat, 05 Feb 2005 08:53:25 GMT  
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