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 printing a form

I hope this is the proper group to post this message to.  If not, just
let me know where to post.

VB 5.0
Target O/S Win NT 4.0

I need to print a form.

I have a form containing several graphics.  The form is sized 11 x 8.5
in. and the graphics are positioned as they would be printed on a 11 x
8.5 in. piece of paper.

These graphics are placed on a PictureBox control so I can implement
horizontal and vertical scrollbars.  I also add many labels and textbox
controls at runtime and position them appropriately.

As a first pass, I found documentation in MSDN Library and implemented
printing w/ the basPaintPic moudule that prints forms by first capturing
a screen shot (using the WinAPI) of the form's window and printing
that.  This works great provided that I can VIEW the whole form on my
screen. The resolution on my computer is sufficient to view the whole
form and print it just fine.  

However, I need a different solution because anyone not using
high-resolution cannot print the form correctly.  I get a picture of
whatever area of the form is visible and garbage on the rest of the

All help is appreciated,


Tue, 03 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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