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 Image Edit Control (ocx)

Hi All, I am not sure of the NG, where I should post this
question. I'm sorry, if it is a wrong one. Here is my
question. I am in urgent need of help.

I am trying to move a small bitmap over a large one.
First I am displaying a larger bitmap file in the image
edit control and then I am embedding a small bitmap file
using annotation. I am moving the small bitmap with a
timer. Now, my problem is , whenever I zoom the image the
the position of printing small image alters. Even when I
scroll up/down, the problem occurs. It seems that the
annotation image is printing with respect to the visible
region. I want to print this with respect to the total
image document area, i.e. irrespective of the visible
 Can anyone suggest me a way. Is there another way to move
a small bitmap over a very huge one with respect to
complete document size ( I mean whether a point is visible
or not, but I should be able to move the small image to
that point with respect to the larger image.)
Thanks in advance

"Be Good, Do Good".

Sat, 19 Feb 2005 20:15:04 GMT  
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