Detecting WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE Message in Form_Paint 
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 Detecting WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE Message in Form_Paint

Hello VB'ers,

Is there any simple method of determining if the VB Form_Paint Event (or a
PictureBox's Paint Event) was caused by a WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE Message?

I don't want to go to the effort of subclassing and watching for this
message, or using any OCX's etc. either.
That is a lot of work for just one silly message.

Currently I just track a module-level variable to see if ButtonFace changes,
and then go about any Palette-fixes for any of the "owner-draw" type images
that need their 3D Colors re-set.
However, it is possible to change the other system colors and still mess me
up (I guess I need to track one to three system colors).
I'm using DIBColorTable API's to modify image palettes for owner UI
elements, note that these are not standard VB intrinsic controls so I have
to handle the color tracking myself.


Wed, 29 Dec 2004 18:35:52 GMT  
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