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 Array to BMP

> I'm trying to develop or find an image control that will
> allow me to send a 2 dimensional array of rgb values to
> it, with each element in the array representing an
> individual pixel.  I have never done any real imaging
> development before so any and all help would be hugely
> appreciated.

You've not specified what format your data is in, however if it's in a
format compatible with the Windows GDI (DWord aligned, bottom to top
scan-line ordered, True colour BGR[A], High colour 5:5:5 packed or Indexed
8/4/1 bit packed) then you can use the SetDIBits() or SetDIBitsToDevice()
API calls to blast the data directly into a Bitmap or DC object, or you
could also create a new Bitmap using your existing data as a base.  If your
data isn't in a format compatible with the GDI then you must first swap the
ordering of the bytes (Or up-pack, re-pack the data if you're working with a
packed format - You can accomplish this real fast with a 'bit swizzler')
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