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I am working in environmental business (acoustics) but computer and
simulations are my friends. I have recently decided to write application
that could help me carry out different tasks. It took me some time but
finally it is. I can use it to digitize maps, build complex noise sources
using 3D editor, model noise walls etc. But there is still a problem. I am
afraid techniques I use in my application are rather simple and I would like
to improve it, e.g. I would like to make my program to work with much bigger
bitmaps than it works with now. I would also like to add some adnvanced
techniques like the ones used in professional software (AutoCad). I have
read book on computational geometry and computer graphics and programming
techniques used in engineering software are getting more and more clear to
me. I would be grateful if you could advice me books that can be useful for
those creating engineering software. Or maybe there is any mailing list
where people talk about this subject?

Thanks for any help. Best Wishes!

Jaroslaw Kowalczyk

Fri, 30 May 2003 02:29:15 GMT  
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