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watch out for the graphics api difference in 95(16Bit converted form
win3.x) and nt4 are full 32Bit
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>I am looking for some help with an
>application I have written in VB4,
>which generates Out of Memory and
>AutoRedraw errors on NT systems.

>It is a small app which uses a picture
>box control(AutoRedraw set to False),
>to display text which is
>updated at a high rate.  I use the Print
>method to do this.  On Win95 systems,
>this works fine, however when I run this
>on NT Server(4.0) or Workstation, after
>a while, the entire video goes into left
>field.  The system seems to have exhausted
>the video memory.

>Is there a problem with running VB apps on NT
>which were installed using VB4's setup.  I
>was told this could  be a possiblity?

>Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

Fri, 12 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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