image viewer that adds watermark 
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 image viewer that adds watermark

I have over 60k .tif images on a Unix server. These images are engineering
drawings from A to J size. When an image is selected via IE or Netscape our
current proprietary viewer displays the image. I need to watermark each
image when displayed or when printed. These are legacy images and it is
unrealistic to go back and tag the images in their native format.

The use of our proprietary viewer is not mandatory, but due to my diverse
user community and the detail needed by the engineers it is a very low cost
solution, actually free at this point.

I need a viewer that when a user request an image a watermark automatically
displays on the image in a predefined location, and if printed the watermark
prints also. The viewer would be on the client and launched when the server
image is requested via a web browser. I would like the viewer to be
activated by the host verses the image file type defined by the browser.
This would eliminate the watermark displaying on other images if the client
viewer was used to view other images on another server.

Are there any COTS products that will satisfy this requirement, or can you
recommend a custom code solution?


Tue, 22 Mar 2005 00:11:26 GMT  
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