FS: 4 Box Set of 3d image software plus 4000+ 3d images 
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 FS: 4 Box Set of 3d image software plus 4000+ 3d images
Hey everybody, becuase of the high demand for the trigallery 3d software
with 4000 + images had when I sold it last time, I ordered more and now I
offer it at $40 per 4 box set.  The last lot of it I had went extremely
quick so don't miss this opportunity becuase I can't get anymore!  I got 22
sets in and that is it... I can't order anymore this time so this is your
final chance to get the complete 4 box set of that retails for $320 for only

View a webpage for it at
http://www.*-*-*.com/ , it is a complete set still
registerable and brand new in box.  The 4 box set retails for $320.   The
software comes with a program which lets you turn any of the 4000 + graphics
to any angle you can imagine (yes from front, back, sides, upside down...
anyway you pick!) and change the lighting on the picture.  It also lets you
export them to such programs as MS office, word perfect, print artist,
photoshop... many more.  I have 22 sets left, and last time they sold
extremely quick so first come first serve.  Check out the website, it is

reserve your copy or have any questions.

As I do with everything I sell I will give free shipping via USPS Priority

Aaron Werley

Mon, 18 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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