Free selectors and Environment variables 
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 Free selectors and Environment variables

Hi everybody !

I've got two distinct problems, both in VB 3.0 on WfW 3.11 :
1- How is it possible to set the value of an environment variable (such as
PATH) from a VB program ? I know how to read it (Environ$), but I'd like to
change its value.

2- I noticed that MS Word uses selectors from the global heap, but doesn't
frees them when it quits, so I have to reboot the machine manually
(Ctrl-Alt-Del). All I want to do is periodically read the number of free
selectors and automatically reboot when I'm going to run out of selectors.
I read a program written in C++ to retrieve the number of free selectors,
but I'm unable to "translate" it in VB (I'm not very good at reading C++).

Thanks for your help !


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