help w/ rtf, scrolls, sstabs and frames 
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 help w/ rtf, scrolls, sstabs and frames

I have several questions I haven't been able to find much discussion
on.  Any advice/hacks are greatly appreciated.  Sorry abou the double
posting, I've posted to both .controls and .winapi since I'm not sure in
what domain the solutions lie.

I would like to have a rich text box that when first shown, displays the
bottom section of the text it contains.  For example, if the box could
display 10 lines of text, and there were actually 30, it would show by
default the last 10 lines.  I've tried setting richtextbox.SelLength =
len(richttextbox.Text) but that doesn't seem to do the trick.
        I am also looking for a way to lock the text in a file at a given
position, allowing the user to enter text after that position, but
having everything previous be unedittable.
        Also, is there a way to mimic the results of the richtextbox scroll
bar, without actually using the scroll bar?

Scroll Bars
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to control the size of a scroll
bar.  When I enlarge the control the up/down arrows and position
indicator don't expand
proportionately to the rest of the control.

Any suggestions on how to change the color of a particular tab, say have
tab(1) be gray and tab(2) be green?  The color property of the tab
control just seems to control the color of the entire control, I'd like
to be able to specify per tab.  

Is is it possible to enlarge the width of the frame border without
losing its beveled 3-d look?

In general, if anybody has any advice/references/tool for tweaking the
appearance of controls beyond the standard properties, I'd be very


Sat, 21 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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