Getting AddPrinterConnection Error 
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 Getting AddPrinterConnection Error

OK, I've made some progress here, but...

I'm trying to build an in-house print manager using the
AddPrinterConnection function that will connect to a printer on a
Novell 4.11 server.  I have Point and Print set up so that when a user
clicks on the printer in Network Neighborhood the drivers are
automatically downloaded to the workstation, (I don't know how this
works on a novell network, but I set it up and it did).

I was hoping that I could just use AddPrinterConnection with the UNC
name of the printer to connect to it, but when I do I get:


When I just click on the printer icon, it installs without needing to
know the print processor, so why do I get this error using
AddPrinterConnection?  Maybe it doesn't work with NetWare and I'll
just have to add the driver manually, but it would save a heck of a
lot of time if I could get this to work.

Any suggestions?


Wed, 08 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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