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 Account expiration


How i set account expiration time ..SUI.SUI_accexpires ??

Any conversion done when i give that?!?!
Public Function NetTimeToVbTime(NetDate As Long) As Double
    Const BaseDate# = 25569   'DateSerial(1970, 1, 1)
    Const SecsPerDay# = 86400
    Dim Tmp As Double

    Tmp = BaseDate + (CDbl(NetDate) / SecsPerDay)
    If Tmp <> BaseDate Then
        NetTimeToVbTime = Tmp
    End If

End Function

Anyone having example?

Type SetUserInfo
       SUI_accexpires As Long
       SUI_name As String
       SUI_password As String
       SUI_home_dir As String
       SUI_home_dir_drive As String
       SUI_comment As String
       SUI_script_path As String
       SUI_full_name As String
       SUI_profile As String
       SUI_flagsset As Long
       SUI_flagsreset As Long
End Type

Sun, 20 Jul 2003 16:33:29 GMT  
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