Solution: Get black Image after saving a picture with Intel JPEG library 
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 Solution: Get black Image after saving a picture with Intel JPEG library


if you have the problem, that the Intel JPEG Library produces a black image
after saving, the may this will help you:

Insert the following function into the cDIBSection.cls file:

Public Function GetImg(ByRef Img As Object) As Boolean
  Dim hBmp As Long


  GetImg = False

  m_hDC = CreateCompatibleDC(0)
  If m_hDC = 0 Then
    Exit Function
  End If

  hBmp = CopyImage(Img.handle, IMAGE_BITMAP, 0, 0, (LR_CREATEDIBSECTION))
  If hBmp = 0 Then
    Call DeleteObject(m_hDC)
    m_hDC = 0
    MsgBox "Can't load BMP image"
    Exit Function
  End If

  m_bmi.bmiHeader.biSize = Len(m_bmi.bmiHeader)

  ' get image sizes
  Call GetDIBits(m_hDC, hBmp, 0, 0, 0, m_bmi, DIB_RGB_COLORS)

  ' make 24 bpp dib section
  m_bmi.bmiHeader.biBitCount = 24
  m_bmi.bmiHeader.biCompression = BI_RGB
  m_bmi.bmiHeader.biClrUsed = 0
  m_bmi.bmiHeader.biClrImportant = 0

  m_hDib = CreateDIBSection(m_hDC, m_bmi, DIB_RGB_COLORS, m_lPtr, 0, 0)
  If m_hDib = 0 Then
    Call DeleteObject(hBmp)
    Call DeleteObject(m_hDC)
    m_hDC = 0
    Exit Function
  End If

  m_hBmpOld = SelectObject(m_hDC, m_hDib)

  m_bmi.bmiHeader.biSize = Len(m_bmi.bmiHeader)

  ' get image data in 24 bpp format (convert if need)
  Call GetDIBits(m_hDC, hBmp, 0, m_bmi.bmiHeader.biHeight, m_lPtr, m_bmi,

  Call DeleteObject(hBmp)

  GetImg = True
End Function

Use it like this:

  dim cDIB as new cDIBSection
  cDIB.GetImg myForm.PictureBox.Image
  SaveJPEG cDIB, "C:\test.jpg"

After that, it works fine!


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Fri, 07 Nov 2003 18:52:58 GMT  
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