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 VB5 MSComm1 Control


You have to use TAPI, unless you know how the modem outputs the data.  And,
this depends on there being a TAPI Service Provider installed for your
modem.  I assume that there is one, since you say that other "standard"
apps work.  However, these other apps are TAPI compliant apps (or else,
they were written specifically for your modem).  MSComm does not support
TAPI, rather, it wraps the standard Windows communications API.

If you have the modem manual, and if it explains how to decode DTMF, then
conversion of that explanation to be used by MSComm will be a
straight-forward exercise.  If there is no information available on this,
then I wouldn't be able to tell you how to proceed.

However, if your modem manual explains this function, then the information
in my book (see below) will show you how to use it in your VB code.

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