trying to avoid the API--MSChart 
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 trying to avoid the API--MSChart

I'm writing my first commercial application in VB5.  I need an XY graph,
and am feeding it from a Grid--right now it's an MS grid, but will probably
eventually be FormulaOne or TrueGrid.  The chart will accomplish most of
what I need, but I need the points highlighted after the line connecting
them is drawn, which only works the first time I draw it.  If a datapoint
is subsequently clicked, only that point remains highlighted even if I
refresh the graph.  So far my tinkering with SelectPart hasn't solved this,
although the syntax documentation isn't that clear to me.

More importantly, I haven't been able to transfer the graph to a PictureBox
or otherwise prepare it for the DataGet/DataSet methods.  Can this be done
without resorting to the API? I found a VB4 method for BitBlt in the MSKB
that will do this, but assume it needs modification, so am trying to avoid

TIA-William Arnold


Tue, 07 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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