ProgramID through Api? 
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 ProgramID through Api?

Hi , i need some help on the following problem.

I need to get the ProgramID of a given/current com object (Dll, OCX
etc), that is the LibName.ObjName (without going throught the registry)
I know that this info is somehow saved in the compiled version of any
DLL,OCX etc.(regsrv32 reads it and saves it in the registry)

Here is some "symbolic" code of  what i want to do:



I know know that this info can be hardcoded during the writing of the
COM object
(ProjectName.ModuleName) but i want to get it dynamically.

So the question is: were is it saved in the compiled module ?,
and is it possible to access it from an API?
eg: getProgId(myProcHandle)

Thanks in advance,
Apostolos Benisis.

Mon, 21 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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