NEWBEE :- How to get an ins fill work by the touch of a button in vb 
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 NEWBEE :- How to get an ins fill work by the touch of a button in vb

Hi there sorry about this but i was wondering if anyone could me.

I am very new to Visual Basic and have written an ins file so that it sets
up my dialup connections and newsgroup server and newsgroups, but I want to
get this to load in a small visual basic program.

I have created to look that i want but i now need to get the ins file
incorperated into the program when i press the small install button that i
have created.

All i want is one program (an exe file) that will install this for me with
out having to have the actual ins file

Please help me..

Thank you for your time

Mon, 03 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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