ListView MultiSelect Dragging Events 
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 ListView MultiSelect Dragging Events

I'm having trouble in accurately trapping
itemclick events because of the MS COMDLG32.OCX
ListView control's capacity to select items by
mouse-down-dragging in the leftmost column (I've
also seen this selection technique described as
"Sweep-Selecting" or "Rectangle Selecting").

Rather than iterate through every item in my
listview to see what is selected, I'd like to
trap the item click events and add/remove them
from an internal collection or array. PROBLEM:
When the user does this kind of mouse-down-drag
selecting in the leftmost column (you must place
the mouse pointer to the right of the text in
that column, then hold down the left mouse button
and drag to multi-select) I get item click events
as new list items fall within the drag, BUT if
during the same drag the user de-selects some of
those selected list items, nothing fires. (Plus,
when the user releases the left mouse button, no
mouse-up or click event fires for me to at least
take a look at what is selected. Though not
really the point at hand, since I STILL want to
use just the item click events to determine what
is selected, rather than iterating through all

I saw an API call to detect the beginning of a
drag and drop event by using a message hook to
detect the LVN_BEGINDRAG message, but this does
not appear to be the same case, especially if I
disable the OLEDragDrop options in the listview.

Plus I gather from other postings that the
ListView offers no API or otherwise method to get
an inventory of the indexes of all selected items
in one step.

So what it comes down to is this . . . How to
disable that mouse-down-drag selection of list
items, . . . OR . . . how to get notification of
DE-selection of a list item during such a
selection technique?

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