GetModuleUsage problems in VB4-16 
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 GetModuleUsage problems in VB4-16

I'm having problems using the GetModuleUsage API with VB4-16 on a
machine running Win95B.  The problem is that hProgramInstance is
frequently returning numbers too large to be handled as plain integers
and I get an Overflow error message when I try to run
GetModuleUsage(hProgramInstance).  I tried changing from Dim
hProgramInstance As Integer to Dim hProgramInstance As Long to no
avail.  I changed the declaration of GetModuleUsage to Declare Function
GetModuleUsage% Lib "Kernel" (ByVal hModule&) but I still get a bad DLL
calling convention.  Is there any way around this apparent catch-22?

Here is what I'm trying to do with GetModuleUsage:

      hProgramInstance = Shell(sCommandLine, vbMinimizedNoFocus)
      Do While GetModuleUsage(hProgramInstance) > 0
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Fri, 12 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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