Winsock's WSAGetLastError() doesn't work with VB5 
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 Winsock's WSAGetLastError() doesn't work with VB5

    Check the Err Object's LastDllError property. Since VB uses
run-time DLLs for so much of it's internal processing, errors
are frequently cleared by VB before you can call GetLastError
(or the Winsock variant).

Ron Ruble
Raffles Software Development, Inc.


>A couple of colleagues of mine and myself, have been sweating over
>error messages from the windows Winsock library.  We have nailed it down to
>one thing VB5.  Every bit of documentation or comments made on the net
>WSAGetLastError() for retrieving the very last error messages.  However we
>haven't been able to get it work.

Mon, 17 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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