Calling external DLL gets error 48, unable to load DLL 
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 Calling external DLL gets error 48, unable to load DLL

Does anyone have experience in chasing down Error 48, "unable to load DLL",
when trying to invoke a function in an external DLL?

Declare Function WinHLLAPI Lib "IHLAPI32.DLL" (functioncode as integer,
byval datastring as string, datalen as integer, returncode as integer) as

The directory containing the DLL is in the PATH.

I've learned that 48 errors are most likely caused following the chain of
referenced DLLs required by the first DLL.

The target DLL is a 3rd party DLL, rather than a system DLL, but that
shouldn't matter.

The problem seems peculiar to Visual Basic and Windows NT. I can
successfully call the DLL from a client written in C. I can also call the
DLL from a VB5 client when the client and DLL are on a Win98 system.

One of the function's parameters is a string. Could Unicode/ANSI translation
issues be involved here? Win95/98 don't use unicode, as I understand things.

The MS Knowledge Base has an interesting suggestion about calling
kernel32.LoadLibraryEx to get more clues, but that didn't help me.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Jamie Jones
Unisys Corp.

Sat, 14 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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