EnableHardwareInput API Problem in VB4.0 
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 EnableHardwareInput API Problem in VB4.0

I am developing an application in a Windows 3.1 environment utilizing
Visual Basic 4.0 (Professional Edition - 16 bit).  The application I am
developing uses the SSTAB control.  In an attempt to prevent multiple
mouse clicks or accelerator key presses from interfering with my code in
the SSTAB control click event I would like to suppress total keyboard
input as I enter the click event and restore keyboard input when I exit.
I tried using the EnableHardwareInput API to achieve this and all works
well except:
  1. The first time I use the mouse to click elsewhere I need to depress
      the button twice instead of just once as is usual.
  2. When I exit my application, all keyboard keys except the ESC and the
     space bar are inoperable.

Am I missing something here?  Is there a way to make sure that the
keyboard is properly initialized when exiting the SSTAB click event?

Tue, 07 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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