Black triangle on command button? 
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 Black triangle on command button?

Hi Roland,
 I have a command button that opens a pop-up menu when the user clicks
 on it. The Windows-styleguides say that there should be a black triangle
 at the end of the caption of the command button. This will show the user
 that a pop-up menu will open if the user clicks on the button.

 So this is my big question: How can I add such a black triangle to the
 caption of the command button in VB4/32 without using additional OCXes?


 Although I've not tried, I think you could do the following. If your Caption
 does not change quite often, you can create a .bmp with a triangle at the
 end of the caption and then displa that .bmp on the CommandButton.

 Hope this helps,
 Aditi Corp.

 Aditi Corp was formerly known as NetQuest Inc.

Tue, 09 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 Black triangle on command button?

> The problem with using a bitmap (below) is that people customise their
> colour schemes, they may use red as the text colour, so your code would
> have to change the colour of the bitmap on the fly and also on the change
> system colours system events.

> Microsoft use a bitmap in word to do this, the focus lines (dotted line
> round text on a button when it has the focus) looks different, but thats
> how they do it.

> You cannot use multiple coloured bitmaps as the user may use one from a
> 17.2 million pallette.

        However, if you use an Icon for the Triangle, no matter what color they
make their Color Scheme,
you can use transparent colors to extract the Icon over whatever colors you
want and all you need to worry about is that your Icon is in the right

        I would suggest using and extractIcon from an ImageList or just use
DrawIcon API to do the job on the
Paint procedure of your form.... (if the button never gets disabled...)

Sun, 14 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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