Authenticating passwords through applications 
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 Authenticating passwords through applications

I've built a little Powerbuilder application that can pull the user id
from the network.  It uses this function:

FUNCTION boolean GetUserNameA(ref string uname, ref ulong slength)  &

It also let's the user enter a string, and it verifies that the string
is the user's network password.  That's done with this:

FUNCTION long WNetVerifyPasswordA(string lpszPassword, ref boolean
pfMatch)  &

The problem we're having is that the WNetVerifyPasswordA() works just
fine for people with Win95 or Win98 machines, but it won't work on NT
machines.  Does anyone know a similar password-verifying function that
will run on NT machines?  Also what DLL is it located in?

Thank you,


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Mon, 21 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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