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 Launching an external program


I'm developing a VB program that runs on the client-side. When activated, it
checks a local database to see what software/ version number is installed,
then checks an remote application server (in the WAN) to see if a newer
version exists, or if there are new software to be installed. If there is,
it'll prompt the user asking whether to install the patch/update/software or
not. My questions are:

1) How would i go about launching the external program/patch which is
located on the external server? I'm thinking of starting a TCP connection,
then launching the application remotely using shell(). Would that work?

2) Once the new software is installed, the VB program should update the
database with the new version number. Any idea how i can ensure database
consistency, i.e. if the installation fails half-way through etc. More of a
design issue then a VB question..

3) If the installation program finishes installing and asks to reboot, how
can I ensure that after reboot the VB program would restart automatically?

The VB program is supposed to run on a NT/2000 platform. Any ideas welcomed.

P.s. Would it be better to develop this in VC++ I wonder?

Sun, 04 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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